I figured now is a better time than any to properly introduce myself, give you some insights on my background, and talk about what types are articles and content I want to start posting on Medium.

Where to begin — let’s get a little person

I am a 27 (almost 28) year old Massachusetts local working in the Product…

They tell you not to make people your home.
Because people tend to leave.
They tend to let go.

But do they expect the moon to shine without the help of the sun’s glow?
For that I do not know.

Do they expect the sun to light the nights path alone?

Would the oceans make waves without the pull of the sea?

Would the flowers bloom without the help of a bee?

I know home shouldn’t be a person.
Because that’s what they say.

But what would home be without you anyway?

If I had to tell my story
It would not be a straight line.

There would be bumps, turns, and bridges.
There would be chapters you wish I had left behind.

I would talk about life.
And who I’ve met along the way.
You may hear about some people who’ve passed through.

Heal me like the waves.

Drown me like the sea.

Sting me like the salt.

Hug me like the wind.

Crush me like the shore.

Sing to me like the birds.

Stand by me like the pier.

Love me like the sun.

nicole corbin

I go deep.

Deep into the sea

When I think of you. When I think of me.

Waves overhead

I feel as though I’m in my bed

Half asleep.

Half awake.

I’m in a paralyzed state

I’ll let the calm wash over me

Let it brush upon my face

Like something I can almost taste

For a moment

I can touch it.

For a moment

I can see

The rainbow water is all around me.

For love is the light

And one must not fright

The deepness of the sea.

Because it’s inside of you. And it’s inside me.

© Nicole Corbin


  • Small bunch Swiss chard
  • Olive Oil
  • Chopped Garlic (fresh or from the jar)
  • Red Pepper Flakes
  • Sea Salt
  • Chicken Sausage or protein of choice if you are turning this into a meal

** TIP **

To make a larger batch just simple add a bit more garlic and oil (enough to coat the…

Maybe, just maybe,
They figured it out.
What life is about,
and how much greater it can be.

Maybe, just maybe,
It’s not the sadness after all
That makes them want to go

Maybe, just maybe,
It was excitement or curiosity.

We are bigger than this Earth.
We are bigger than the world in which we live,
In which we consume.

The Universe is vast,
Full of exploration,
Full of light.

Maybe … just maybe,
They figured that out.

Beauty is in the light,

Oh what a beautiful delight.

To have and to hold,

Such a beautiful flower will unfold.

But it is tricking you,

Oh what all beautiful flowers will do.

For you picked it while it was growing,

It has died without you knowing.

This is the beginning, the very first of my thoughts written out on this blog. More of a test, because I don’t know yet where I want to share my work.

I design, I photograph, but I am Nicole. They are me, but I am not them.

My goal is to take you on the adventures that I go on. To show you what I feel, and how I feel it.

You might not feel the same, in fact, I hope you feel different, because this is me, this is not you.

Nicole Corbin

Product and User Experience expert sharing my thoughts on industry trends - adding some spice with creative writing and photography 📸

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